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Ten Best Budget Wheels for Euros

Ten Best Budget Wheels for Euros

European cars are often regarded as superior because of their engineering and history. They have become more accessible in the market, so has the number of affordable wheels you can put on them. This article explores available options for your modest budget.

Even in a market saturated by domestic and Asian cars, Americans still go after models that come from across the Atlantic.

They are seen driving Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen on the streets. These cars can project status and sophistication, similar to what their owners usually achieved in life.

These days, the younger generation with limited budgets are picking up on the passion for Euros too. But unlike the older guys, they usually have to work with more practical options.  


Euro Cars Then and Now

European inventors were the first to build machines that would shape the modern car as we know today. Among spearheads were the guys behind Mercedes Benz. 

The prestige of being industry pioneers made the European car brands desirable, even among Americans. They became status symbols among the affluent society in the US. And for some years, it stayed this way.

These days, European cars are easier to come by. They are sold in more dealers across the states and come in more affordable variants. The Euro scene has grown into a community comparable to that of domestic cars and import tuners.


The Present-Day Euro Scene

With the selection of European cars in the market today, we can enjoy a rich and diverse culture. Some Euro guys are drawn into sportier builds while others go for style and class.

Regardless of preference, it goes without saying that not all car owners are ready to splurge excessively for upgrades. They also got other bills to pay and would likely seek out affordable options.


What's On The Market Today?

To help them out, we handpicked our top ten best budget wheels for Euros. Here are some helpful info about the brands and the wheels they offer:  


Avid1 Wheels is one of the younger brands in the automotive wheel market, having only started out in the 21st Century. It offers fresh wheel designs at affordable prices.

The designs generally come with aggressive widths and offsets to match the modern vibe popular in the scene. 


Starts at $560 per set of 4 

The Avid AV50 has a clean OE-like appearance. Its face has a little hint of concavity. There are also six wide directional spokes evenly spread out.

This wheel works well with Euro hatches like the Mini Cooper. Its minimalist design blends with the rest of the car rather than stand out from the fenders. 

It comes in two sizes – 17 inches and 18 inches for most five-lug bolt patterns. You can also choose from black, bronze, and machined finishes.   



Starts at $584 per set of 4

The Avid1 AV30 brings modern edginess and timeless multi-spoke design together. Adding the lip and concavity bring it all together into a look that resonates well with the Euro styling.

This Avid1 model is offered in 17- and 18-inch sizes and fits most five-lug bolt patterns. You can have it in black, bronze, gunmetal, or silver.



AodHan Wheels got in the game during the late 2000s. The brand is all about building modern wheels with precision.

Its team is dedicated to innovating its methods to keep up with modern cars in the market. Among its advancements include low-pressure casting and flow-formed method for lightweight wheels. 


Starts at $748 per set of 4

The AH-X one of AodHan's best wheels by far. Its multi-spoke design adorns intricate details that sets it apart from conventional styles.

With all the spaces the wheel has, you can easily peek into the disc brakes behind the wheel. 

It only comes in 18 inches for the usual five-lug bolt patterns. You can have it in hyper black, matte black, silver machined, and bronze.



Starts at $748 per set of 4

The DS06 is a new addition to the AodHan line. This wheel seems to be the perfect ode to the past and present.

The edgy multi-spoke mesh combined with the studded lip can add a lot of personality to any car, especially Euros. Even with the amount of detail it has, the AodHan DS06 is comes at an affordable price tag

It is available in 18- and 19-inch diameters for five-lug bolt patterns. You can also choose from these finishes: bronze with machine lip, gloss black with gold rivets, and silver machine.  



Ferrada Wheels seems to be enthusiastic to become a top brand synonymous to affordable modern wheels. It is dedicated to asserting itself in the Euro scene, as well as its domestic and import tuner counterparts.


Starts at $1,700 for a set of 4

The Ferrada FR4 is a refreshing take on ten-spoke wheels. It has angular spokes that make them seem to float above the lip. The concavity further adds depth to the its character. 

The wheel works on old and new Euros alike, giving the cars a bolder personality. 

It comes in 19, 20, and 22 inches for most five-lug bolt patterns. You can choose from its standard color options of silver, black, and bronze.



Rotiform Wheels is a California-based wheel manufacturer. The guys behind the brand are very hands on – from creating design concepts on the drawing board to applying the finishes in the paint shop. It also sponsors local motorsports icons like Ken Block on his pursuits. 


Starts at $920 per set of 4 

The Rotiform WGR is a five-spoke cast wheel that works best with serious Euro car builds. The wheel looks aggressive with clean lines, width, depth, and concavity.

The WGR comes from Rotiform’s Monoblock Series. This product line uses low-pressure casting technology for weight reduction and improved rigidity. 

It works for most cars with a 5-lug bolt pattern. Its diameter sizes range from 18 to 20 inches. It is available in candy red, matte black, and silver.



Starts at $968 per set of 4

The Rotiform RSE features a unique multi-spoke mesh design inspired by top-tier racing cars. This wheel looks aggressive in a classic motorsports fashion, making any car suited for performance-inspired builds. 

This wheel is also part of  Rotiform's Monoblock Series. It is made from low-pressure casting and treated with a high-quality finish to ensure its longevity. 

For true motorsports enthusiasts at heart, this wheel is available in 17- to 20-inch variants for most 4- and 5-lug bolt patterns. You can have it in matte brushed, candy black, and polished finishes.  



Starts at $1,100 per set of 4 

The Rotiform LSR is an interesting mix of motorsports and ornate influences fit for Euro cars. It uses a unique Y-style spoke design that's appealing to racing enthusiasts and to some extent, stance guys. 

This wheel is made using strict casting standards. This ensures you get a wheel free of any flaws that can affect the looks and performance of the car. 

The LSR fits most five-lug cars and comes in 18- and 19-inch sizes. Choose between two finishes that give a nod to racing cars – gold with machined lip and silver with machined lip.


Variant Wheels 

The early 2000s opened the opportunity for Variant Alloy Wheels to enter the aftermarket wheel market. Its design innovations resulted in two main wheel lines – the Cold Forged and Sixty61 Series.

Each design goes through strict quality control so that enthusiasts get to enjoy the wheels without any compromise. Variant also has a lot of finish and color options to choose from, making your Euro car as unique as it can be. 


Starts at $2,000 per set of 4 

The Variant Argon is not exactly the most affordable wheel in the selection. But it's hard to dismiss its sleek modern style. especially when built using Variant’s Cold Vertical Forging technology.

It is available in 20 inches and will fit most five-lug bolt patterns. Choose from piano black, silver, and titanium finishes. 



Starts at $1,980 per set of 4

The Variant Xenon uses a modern five-point star design, making the wheel elegant and sporty. It works best with Euros set up to become aggressively styled luxury vehicles. 

The Xenon is available in 19- and 20-inch form most five-lug bolt patterns. You can get the wheel in bronze, satin black, and satin gunmetal.


Choosing The Best Wheels for Your Euro

Wheel brands across the states continue to innovate new designs to suit modern cars like your Euro. The sheer size of your selection can be overwhelming if you don't know what exactly you are looking for.

Finding the perfect match for your Euro means having a vision and considering the fitment specifications of the car, whether it's stock or modified. Always work within these parameters to ensure your car looks great and stays road-worthy.

Hope to see you on the streets soon!


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