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Top Ten Best 10th Gen Honda Civic Wheels for Tuners

Top Ten Best 10th Gen Honda Civic Wheels for Tuners

The Honda Civic was introduced to the American market in 1973. It came with a small displacement engine, setting it apart from the gas guzzlers of that period. This package made the Japanese car an inexpensive and fuel-efficient alternative for motorists across the states. Eventually, the Honda Civic became an import tuner favorite with all the modifications you can do to it.

Fast forward today, the 10th Gen Honda Civic continues to spark the interest of new and old car enthusiasts. It has evolved just as much as the people who learned to love these cars. The new models roll out of the factory with more horsepower under the hood and charm on its exterior. While there are a lot of aftermarket performance parts to choose from, a set of aftermarket wheels can easily trick out your Japanese import. Let’s have a look at your options.

The Newbie Enthusiast

The newbie Honda Civic enthusiasts are people that have yet to be initiated in the Import Tuner scene. It could be they just got their driver’s license or sold their old beater car. There is a good chance their 10th Gen Honda Civics just came out of the dealership.

As they start to love the car, they realize that there could be more ways to make it look better. Replica 10th Gen Honda Civic wheels can be an inexpensive option for these enthusiasts. Some designs bare similarities with popular brands but comes with an inexpensive price tag. However, it does not mean that these are cheap knock-offs. These wheels are also manufactured under strict quality standards. It just so happens that their designs are not as original as you would have wanted them to be.

Kansei KNP

Starts at $1200 per set of 4

Kansei Wheels is a brand that offers affordable tuner-styled wheels. While its history is not as elaborate as other brands, its wheels are put to actual track use.

Now, the Kansei KNP is the one that made the brand popular in the tuners scene. This five-spoke wheel is distinctly inspired by classic JDM wheels. The wheel is a total contrast to the 10th gen Civic’s edgy design. But it doesn’t mean that the no-frills KNP looks out of place.  

Color and finish:  Textured Bronze, Gloss Gunmetal, Hyper Silver


XXR 527  

Starts at $600 per set of 4 

XXR Wheels has been around for four decades already. The fairly modest brand seems to be gaining more traction in the aftermarket scene, even making appearances on SEMA. While XXR is popular among Import Tuners, its designs also work with European and American cars. 

The XXR 527 takes design hints from Japanese brands like Advan, Enkei, and Rays Engineering. The deep concave multi-spoke wheel is like the sun with its rays spreading all over its circumference. Its depth and character best complements lowered 10th Gen Honda Civics. 

Color and finish: Flat black; Chromium black; Gold 


Aodhan DS02

Starts at $800 per set of 4

By far, Aodhan Wheels is the newest brand in this selection. The company has a little over a decade under its belt. It caters to designing performance and luxury wheels for a wide array of vehicles in the market. 

You can easily associate the Aodhan DS02 with modern Japanese and European cars. Its sporty appearance and elegant finish complement the edgy lines of the 10th Gen Honda Civic. With a bold wheel lip and five split-spoke design, it also resembles the Advan Racin RZ-DF and Enkei PF01 wheels. 

Color and finish: Bronze with machined lip; Hyper black; Silver with machined face; Black vacuum; Gold vacuum; Vacuum chrome; Silver with machined lip 


The Fun-Loving Tuner

The fun-loving 10th Gen Honda Civic tuners are usually people who owned and worked on other cars before. These enthusiasts already know a thing or two about modifications and have refined their preferences. They have already put in performance engine tunes, suspension, intake, and exhaust to their cars. 

Their cars might have already gained some popularity among peers and even ranked by their horsepower ratings. You can say their machines are built for showing off. Nevertheless, these cars can go fast if they want to. To complement their existing 10th Gen Honda Civic mods, tuners tend to pick attractive wheels to make sure their pride and joy look like a masterpiece.    

Vorsteiner VFF 103  

Starts at $2,200 per set of 4 

Vorsteiner Wheels was originally intended for European car applications. However, enthusiasts were also quick to put them on cars like the 10th Gen Honda Civic.

The Vorsteiner VFF 103 incorporates five split-spokes that resemble the letter Y. Its round lines and concavity also add depth to the design. The wheel also uses Vorsteiner’s Lightweight Flow Forged Allow Technology that gives it an exceptional strength to weight ratio. This is vital in achieving better handling and performance. 

Color and finish: Mercury silver; Patina bronze; Titanium machine; Carbon graphite; Mystic black   



Starts at $2,520 per set of 4

BBS Wheels has been making Germany proud since the 1970s. The brand is known for its stylish performance wheels which suit sporty cars like the 10th Gen Honda Civic. 

The BBS CH R is a lightweight wheel designed for performance on and off the track. It is an ode to the brand’s motorsports heritage. The wheel uses long filigree spokes, helping the 10th Gen Honda Civic make a bold statement to back its performance. 

Color and finish: Satin black; Satin titanium; Brilliant silver 


The Adrenaline Junkie

Racing and adrenaline run through the veins of these 10th Gen Honda Civic owners. They spell performance with a capital P and thrive on shaving time off the clocks on motorsports events. These guys can be very enthusiastic about drag or autocross events. They have tuned their cars for neck-breaking accelerations and tight cornering. 

A track-ready 10th Gen Honda Civic benefits from lightweight performance wheels. You would want to invest in brands synonymous with racing. Shopping for these items might lean away from modest price tags. But at the end of the day, a track-ready 10th Gen Honda Civic is worth the money and adrenaline rush. 

Volk Racing TE37  

Starts at $1,600 per set of 4

The Volk Racing TE37 is one of the most recognizable aftermarket performance wheels in the Import Tuner scene. For over 20 years, it has retained its trademark six-spoke design that enthusiasts love. 

The construction and design of the TE37 have since improved with the advancements of automotive manufacturing technology.  These refinements can help the 10th Gen Honda Civic perform like a true racecar. 

Color and finish: Bronze; White, Diamond dark metal; Pressed graphite; Pressed black; Custom colors 


Volk Racing CE28

Starts at $2,000 per set of 4 

The Volk Racing CE28 is said to be the lightest wheel its brand has to offer. Its multi-spoke design is a result of advanced development over the years. The wheel continues to be a preferred upgrade for motorsports enthusiasts worldwide. It works particularly well with the 10th Gen Honda Civic. 

Color and finish: Bronze; Pressed graphite; Hyper blue; Hyper red; Matte dark gunmetal; Diamond dark gunmetal 


Enkei RPF1

Starts at $1,000 per set of 4 

The Enkei RPF1 preserves its motorsports heritage over the years, much like its contemporary – the Volk Racing TE37. It was created using the same technology as the McLaren Honda Formula One race wheel. 

The dual open stance spoke design is engineered to achieve better stress dispersion during turns, braking, and accelerations. With a relatively inexpensive price tag, the Enkei RPF1 is a good option for 10th Gen Honda Civic owners who love going to the track on weekends. 

Color and finish: Silver, Black, Gold 


Enkei PF01 Evo

Starts at $1,600 per set of 4 

The Enkei PF01 EVO is a popular wheel choice in motorsports, especially for time attack and drifting. Its aggressive roulette pattern is designed to give the best performance during extreme accelerations, braking, and turning. 

The wheel also adopts Enkei’s MAT Process Technology to make sure it is highly rigid and very light. This is vital to help cars like the 10th Gen Honda Civic perform well on the track. 

Color and finish: Matte black, Satin black, Pearl white 


The Honda Purist

The purist takes the experience of owning a 10th Gen Honda Civic to a whole different level. This person is extremely loyal to the car brand and will go the extra mile to defend it. But you have to admit that their diligence in learning everything Honda is something worth admiring. Purists are like walking Honda encyclopedias with their textbook knowledge. 

Their 10th Gen Honda Civics usually come with modifications and performance parts exclusively made for Honda. The strict selection can sometimes come off as snobbish to other enthusiasts. However, these builds can serve good examples for your own 10th Gen Honda Civic project. 

Spoon SW388

Starts at $3,080 per set 4 

The Spoon SW388 is one of those wheels die-hard Honda enthusiasts are willing to spend a fortune on. And it is not for the faint of heart. 

Originally produced from 1996 to 1999, the iconic five-spoke design amassed a huge following in the Honda tuning world. It was used on the Integra, Civic, and NSX that were tuned for serious performance. 

Two decades later, the legendary Japanese wheel made a comeback. What better car to have a set of Spoon SW388 mounted on than a 10th Gen Honda Civic? 

Color and finish: Matte black


Buying Reminders 

When buying new 10th Gen Honda Civic wheels, always know the correct fitment for your car. This vital information ensures that the wheels can be mounted without any issues. This will also help you decide when you intend to go up a size or two. Use the table below as your reference: 


Should you want to go for a different size, be sure to do your research well. There are tire size calculators online (example: that can help you compare the stock wheel and tire size to that of your dream wheels.

We can’t stress enough the importance of road safety. Always put it on your top priority when modifying your 10th Gen Honda Civic. If in doubt, check your local vehicle restrictions and call your wheel supplier for help.

Once everything is good to go, drive out and have fun with your 10th Gen Honda Civic!

Where to Shop

The digital age made it convenient for people to shop for car parts without having to go out of the house. You can easily find a lot of 10th Gen Honda Civic wheels online.

It is best to start your search on the brand website whenever available. You can find detailed product information and images for your reference. This also allows you to explore options available like wheel color, finish, size, offset, and fitment. Moreover, the wheel brand’s online store lists dealers closest to your residence.

There are also automotive e-commerce websites that list down a wider selection of 10th Gen Honda Civic wheels. Consider looking into these retailers. Sometimes they have features that help you compare different wheel models side by side.

But you can always go to your local wheel and tire dealer if you wish. This allows you to physically inspect and mount the wheels on your car before actually buying a set. It also makes it easier to spot any fitment issues for both the wheels and tires.

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