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MRR Wheels: Capturing the Enthusiasts’ Hearts

MRR Wheels: Capturing the Enthusiasts’ Hearts

All great things start with a humble beginning. MRR Wheels started out as an OEM and private label wheels manufacturer. Eventually, its team took it up a notch and whipped out a new aftermarket line-up. Popular models include the FS01, FS06, M755, FGX, and SS-2. These are nothing short of elegant on the cars we have on the roads today.  

The company found its home in Los Angeles, California, and has been around since the time movies like Fast and the Furious took off. During those years, the car culture was getting bigger and so did the list of aftermarket brands fighting out to be the popular wheel option. 

It was the ripe time for MRR Wheels to expand its line-up. With the team’s experience in manufacturing OEM and private label wheels, it didn’t take too long to come up with new designs. 

MRR Wheels caters mostly to rides like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette C8, and Dodge Challenger. But it doesn’t shy away from other cars and trucks in the domestic, JDM, and European segments. The varied designs can add that extra “oomph” to whichever build you’re working on. 


What Goes Behind The Scenes?

MRR Wheels is dedicated to building a fantastic customer experience. It means getting it right from the get-go. Each wheel is crafted with its own features to suit specific applications. And by that, it has to be stylish, durable, and affordable. 

Manufacturing and In-House Equipment

Its experience with OEM brand and private label wheels has taught MRR Wheels the importance of investing in good manufacturing practices to achieve quality wheels. Aside from looking stylish, wheels need to be reliable and durable throughout their service life.

MRR Wheels has precision tools and equipment to produce custom wheels suited for each customer’s taste and applications. Let’s have a look at what the brand’s facility has and is capable of:

CNC Machines

Proper fitment is king when it comes to wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension. These parts need to clear off from each other to function while bolt patterns need to be exact to keep the wheel snug on the hub.

OE wheels are pretty much sorted out and ready to be mounted to the specific car it is designed for. However, putting aftermarket wheels on will need a little more attention. This is where MRR Wheels’ CNC machines come in. 

The CNC (computer numerical control) machine uses data from dialed into the computer to help shape the wheel into its final form, or final fitment specifications Simply key in your desired specs and the precision tool will work its magic. 

With more than six machines in-house, MRR can provide custom fitment for their customers with a quick turnaround. This means getting your build right from the get-go. 

Hunter Road Force Balance

Wheel balance can affect any car’s performance and safety. Ideally, a set of properly-balanced wheels should keep tire wear even, maintain a relatively efficient fuel consumption, and let you enjoy a sound drive. 

The Hunter Road Force Balance has been favored by wheel shops because of these capabilities. And the list of shops that use it includes MRR Wheels. 

The machine is integrated with different patented features such as the automatic CenteringCheck, SmartWeight technology, and the eCal Auto Calibration. These are meant to help the MRR team to test and balance faster than with the conventional balancer. 

But beyond a speedy balancing, the wheels also benefit from the machine’s precision. Its tech can eliminate error opportunities, sort out vibration problems, ensure proper centering, and maximize efficiency. 

Custom Finishing

As they say, one of the quickest ways to trick out your car is to change the wheels. It’s the reason why enthusiasts usually save up for a set right after buying their cars. 

But when you start going for the same wheel models, then you won’t be really much different from those who also bought the same set. While there are standard finishes to choose from, having yours in a custom finish will make your car stand out from the rest. 

MRR Wheels has a huge range of finishes to choose from, from subtle shades to vibrant colors. Brushed, to the popular copper that was previously offered. Pick the one that matches your car and highlights your personality the best. 


MRR Wheels for Street and VIP Builds

MRR Wheels is a hit for enthusiasts because of its affordable options for street and VIP builds. The wheels in the current line-up are inspired by the trends in the aftermarket scene.

It would be easy to spot a variety of cars rocking tasteful upgrades and gorgeous wheels with the MRR logo on their center caps. Not only that, they come in different custom finishes and fitments to match the cars. 

Without further delay, here are some top highlights from MRR Wheels’ current products list:

MRR Wheels FS01

The FS01 is one of the most popular motorsport-inspired  flow-formed MRR wheels. Its seven split spokes are spaced evenly from each other that the slots between them form an elongated teardrop shape between them. 

The design brings out a timeless vibe to mid to full-size cars, especially popular on European and luxury sedans. It’s one of the reasons the FS01 became popular in the community.



MRR Wheels FS06

The FS06 is another go-to flow-form wheel in the MRR Wheels roster. The split five spokes create large spaces in between - good for flaunting those big brake kits! The wheel looks aggressive but retains a certain “finesse” that makes it right for the streets. 

Its modern style fits well with the recent generations of cars in the market today. You would often see this on popular domestic cars like the Corvette C8, Gen 5 and 6 Camaros, and S550 Mustang. 


MRR Wheels GF5

The GF5 belongs to MRR Wheels’ set of elaborately designed models. At first glance, its spokes look like a series of lightning bolts. But a closer look reveals ten split spokes with very fine details and tiny slots integrated into them. 

The GF5’s design and size make it an ideal fit for cars with modern lines, like the kind you love to see on Corvette C8s. It looks best on performance cars and mid to full-size coupes in the market today.  


MRR Wheels GF7

The GF7 is also a multi-spoke beauty that hints at both motorsports and street influences. The symmetric face gives a clean well-balanced appearance. It’s the kind of wheel that tells you it’s ok to have a little fun while looking formal and classy.

This beauty works best for street builds. Its price is also easier on the wallet so the GF7 can be a sensible choice for enthusiasts on a budget.


MRR Wheels GF9

The GF9 is the kind of wheel you’d put on street builds in a heartbeat. Its seven split spokes form an attractive face that works with a variety of cars. 

If you like the FS01 but would rather stick to a modest budget, then the GF9 is something that you should seriously consider. It’s stylish for a decent price tag. 


MRR Wheels HR3

The HR3 comes off different from the first few wheels featured in this article. Its design is geared for VIP-style builds. It can easily make a statement because of its smooth face, slight concavity, even slots, and subtle details. 

If you want to make a bold statement with your car, then the HR3 is a good option. It works well with most modern mid to full-size sedans or even a van! But who’s stopping you from trying it out on two-door coupes?


MRR Wheels M755

The M755 takes a lot of inspiration from modern trends in domestic cars. The wheel uses the popular five-star design along with aggressive angles and slots. If you take a step back, the entire thing looks like a bunch of kite-shaped spokes pieced together to form this nice wheel. 

This bad boy is popular among Chevy fans, and will easily fit modern Camaros and Corvettes. You would often see it in subtle finishes like Gloss Black but you can have it custom-finished to suit your build better. 


MRR Wheels VP3

The VP3 is another VIP-styled wheel from MRR Wheels. Its design resembles a more elaborate HR3. But a close inspection will reveal their differences. The most obvious are the six directional slots. There are also the studs placed along the inner lip. These emphasize depth to a seemingly flat wheel face. 

This wheel goes well with more expressive VIP builds. Couple it with a decent lowering kit or air suspension, and the car will look wild.


MRR Forged FGX

The FGX is a strikingly aggressive wheel in the MRR Forged line. Its multi-spoke, motorsport-inspired design appears as two five-pointed stars stacked on top of each other to form a snowflake pattern. It also has a concavity that makes the details pop a little bit more. 

Its lightweight aluminum block construction shaves off unwanted weight. This makes the FGX favorable to owners souping up their exotic or luxury performance cars. Now you got some extra bling without worrying about gaining a few more pounds.


MRR Forged SS-2

The SS-2 is another wheel forged from lightweight aluminum. It is elegant as it is aggressive.

Seems the wheel’s design inspiration is a mix of the five-point star and the trident. A closer look reveals even more details - sharp angles, accented lines, and pockets for weight reduction. 

This wheel is recommended for cars that check these things: sporty, fast, modern, and expensive. Putting on the SS-2 can up the game even a notch higher. 


MRR Forged ZO-02

The ZO-02 looks the most unconventional in this line-up. The design combines two popular styles into one modern lightweight wheel. 

The outer portion of the wheel is an ode to the directional turbine wheels. On the other hand, the inner portion is a sleek five-point star. 

These styles are clean and classy on their own but if you put them together, they tell a whole different story. If you’re the kind of enthusiast who likes going against the trend, the ZO-02 is the go-to wheel for your build. 


Catch MRR Wheels at Car Shows

It goes without saying that being in car shows is still one of the best ways to flaunt your style. And MRR Wheels doesn’t pass up the chance to roll up in these events. You wouldn’t miss its booth filled with awesome cars and wheels on display. 

Since the brand caters mostly to cars in the domestic market, MRR Wheels has been in events like the CamaroCon, Camaro Fest, and Spocom’s Torqued. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the fine weather and see sleek cars on MRR Wheels all in one day?

The CamaroCon and Camaro Fest are usually hosted on racetracks, making these events a whole lot of fun. These two events are a treat for 5th and 6th Gen Camaro fans. You can check out MRR Wheels favorites like the FS01, FS06, M017, M228, M650, and M755 on eye-catching models. 

If you love other cars too, then Spocom’s Torqued is even better. MRR Wheels shows off a diverse line-up that included Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes. It’s domestic car heaven and there’s no denying MRR Wheels is well-represented by these street builds.


Merch for #TeamMRR 

Sometimes sporting MRR Wheels on their cars ain’t enough for the fans. Thankfully, there are more ways to express your love for the brand without having to take your car everywhere you go. 

When you check out MRR Wheels’ shop section, you will find caps and shirts for your daily reppin’. The design is clean and can easily work with your usual casual wardrobe. There are also other novelty items that you can help rep like stickers and lanyards. 


MRR Wheels on the Road

In this day and age, enthusiasts consider a lot of things when deciding what wheels to get for their cars. They care about how a set would look, feel, cost, and last. 

There’s also the fact that the fanbase continues to grow for the late-gen Camaros, C7 and C8 Corvettes, Mustangs, E92s, Mark V Supras, and even Teslas and Mach-E’s. Enthusiasts crave to be different from each other, even if it means getting inspiration from other builds as well.

Self-expression and the sheer love for cars make the scene colorful. These show in different degrees of builds - from subtle to wild. Whichever route you choose, aftermarket wheels are usually a common denominator. 

It’s safe to say that the car community will see more cars on MRR Wheels in the near future - be it for the street, car show, or everyday driving.

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