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MRR Forged: Gateway Into Custom Wheels

MRR Forged: Gateway Into Custom Wheels

MRR Forged is on another level of coolness for cars. This premium wheel line is an alternative to motorsports heritage brands that have steep price tags. In this article, we will explore the popular MRR Forged wheel models like the F10, F023, FG02, FGX, and many more.

Previously, we talked about how MRR Wheels appealed to enthusiasts in the domestic scene. Its wheels selection can add fun to a variety of street and VIP builds. But for those who want to take their build game a step higher, MRR Forged has a lot more in store. 

Because of how high-end cars drive, MRR Forged opted for lightweight and durable wheel designs. These cars need to look and feel right on MRR Forged without any compromise to their performance.


MRR NES Forged and MRR Forged Lines

The brand currently has two lines directed to more specific segments. MRR NES Forged is manufactured for mid-size luxury and performance cars. Enthusiasts can have fun with the sheer amount of designs and custom finishes available. 

On the other hand, MRR Forged is more directed at high-end sports cars. The line is inspired by contemporary wheel models. This makes MRR Forged desirable for cars like the Corvette C8 and other sought-after exotic cars. 

Now, let’s take a look at what the brand got for fans right now:

MRR NES Forged FG02

The FG02 is a directional wheel inspired by modern takes on the five-star design. You will find that its distinct look also includes two aggressively styled pockets on each spoke. These are meant to shave off excess weight without hurting the structural integrity of the wheel. 


MRR NES Forged FGX and FGX Two Piece

The FGX is a refreshing take on the modern motorsports-inspired look. If you look at it closely, this wheel has elements taken from the touring car series. And its billet center crest is the icing on the cake. 

The wheel’s lightweight monoblock construction makes the FGX ideal for spirited driving. 

There is also the FGX Two-Piece for those who want something a bit different. This version has the spoke tips floating just above the lip. 


NES Forged MS-5

The MS-5 puts together two popular wheel designs in one model: modern motorsports and split five spokes. The nice thing about this wheel is the amount of detail that goes into its spokes.

They complement the aggressive lines most modern-day performance cars have. More than that, you can have it in custom finish and center caps. 


MRR NES Forged SS-1 and SS-1.1

The SS-1 is a split five-spoke wheel inspired by contemporary motorsports wheels. A close look reveals weight reduction pockets inserted in strategic areas close to the wheel center. Its aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable for the street and occasional track runs. 

If you like more details, the SS-1.1 features extra pockets on the lip. You can enjoy this model in a variety of custom finishes to get your desired street look. 


MRR NES Forged SS-2 Two Piece and SS-2 One Piece

The SS-2 Two-Piece is one of the first two-piece wheels produced in this line. It’s an aggressive split five-spoke wheel with narrow weight reduction pockets. Like a few other two-piece models, the spoke tips don’t touch the lip. 

It comes with a variety of fitment sizes and custom finishes for pulling off the look exactly the way you want it.

There is also the SS-2 One-Piece for those who want the design toned down a little bit. It goes without saying that this will look sharp on just about any car you put it on.


MRR Forged F10

The F10 stands out in this list due to the fact that its design is 100% MRR Forged. It is the brand’s own take on the popular directional split five-spoke wheel. 

The spokes are spread aggressively, creating a lot of space in between them. There are also small pockets placed on the area where the spokes split into two. 

This wheel works best with the wide look of the Corvette C8s and similar-looking cars.


MRR Forged F023

The MRR F023 is a classic directional five-spoke wheel inspired by the Z06 Corvette. It was created to fill in the demand of enthusiasts who still want to pull off OE-themed builds.

It is made from lightweight aluminum monoblock for durability and handling. That way, you don’t have to worry about the wheels weighing your car down on the road. 


MRR Forged F024

The MRR F024 is another wheel inspired by the Z06 Corvette and other motorsports designs. The seven split-spokes form into fork-like structures spreading out from the hub. 

This can be an alternative option for an OE-themed build. It can be painted with a custom finish of your choice for an extra cost. 


MRR Forged’s Value Proposition 

MRR Forged is MRR’s premium line. And as such, its wheels have to live up to expectations. The MRR facility comes with in-house equipment that helps ensure enthusiasts like you are happy with what you get. 

Custom Fitment

Who wouldn’t love a set of wheels that fit perfectly on your car? These days, it’s a lot easier to find wheels that can be custom fit to cars. Modern tech like the CNC (computer numerical control) machine allows you to dial in your preferred specs as you watch it do its magic.

The right wheel fitment allows you to put together the aftermarket wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension without having to worry about clearance issues. The best part about it is that you have more wheel options to choose from!


Custom Finishes

One of the many reasons why we switch to aftermarket wheels is because we want to give our cars a different look, apart from the others. Now, if we’re stuck with the same OE finishes, we wouldn’t be making as big of an impact, do we?

MRR Forged comes with a wide selection of custom finishes that you can paint your wheels with. On one side of the spectrum, you can find dark subdued finishes for sleeper and motorsport-inspired builds. This creates a stealthy aggressive vibe that some enthusiasts love.

And on the other side, there are also brighter finishes for upbeat personalities. Putting colorful wheels can easily grab your attention whether you’re parked on the street, in a car show, or even if you just pulled up to a red light. 


Precision Wheel and Tire Balance

Once you pick a set of wheels, you would want to mount it on your car asap. Having properly-balanced wheels will help with tire longevity, fuel efficiency, and responsive handling, just to name a few. 

The MRR Forged uses the Hunter Road Force Balance in its facility. This equipment comes with different patented features like CenteringCheck, SmartWeight technology, and eCal Auto Calibration. It helps the MRR team mount and balance wheels with more precision than the conventional balancer. 


What’s Not to Love About MRR Forged?

MRR Forged is a brand that ain’t hard to fall in love with. The reason is simple. 

You want aftermarket wheels the same way you want cars to be attractive and reasonably priced. That’s exactly what this wheel brand is all about. 

We’re upbeat that MRR Forged will continue manufacturing wheels for the cars we love. Who knows, the brand might end up pulling off refreshing twists inspired by classic and contemporary wheel designs!

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