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American Off-Road: Beyond the Trails

American Off-Road: Beyond the Trails

Nothing is more American than driving your truck on the road, a symbol of good old-fashioned hard work. These days, you even have more reasons to love it. Let’s see how American Off-Road Wheels adds a modern twist to them with the A106, A105, and A108.

Whenever you talk about trucks, you think about the role they have in making America what it is today. These machines are the true workhorses of the 20th and 21st Centuries for a good reason. 

Modern times proved that trucks are just as great as lifestyle vehicles. It’s hard not to see one driven on and off the road at any given time. Owners can be anyone from family guys, off-road enthusiasts, tradesmen, car show people, and many more. 

With different backgrounds come different personalities. Trucks become tools for the owners to show off their tastes and preferences whenever they drive out. 

It goes without saying that one of the first mods they usually get are aftermarket wheels. They seek out style and durability that won’t break the bank. That’s where American Off-Road Wheels come into the picture.

How Did American Off-Road Wheels Start?

Before going through the wheel line-up, why don’t we look into how this brand came to be?

American Off-Road Wheels started out as a sister company to MRR Wheels, an aftermarket wheel brand for domestic cars and many more. It was founded with the same goal in mind - affordable quality wheels. Only this time, it was designed for trucks.

The AOR guys got their inspiration from a mix of popular and classic styles in the market. This included multi-spoke designs and deep offsets that add a lot of personality to trucks.

They also chose to go with 20s and 22s knowing that a lot of lifted trucks guys love these sizes. It showed that these fitments work with dumped trucks and overland builds too. 

Currently, the brand shares the facility and equipment with MRR Wheels. It’s capable of custom offsets and finishes with a quick turnaround and delivery time. 

The team intends to offer more off-road wheels and capture the hearts of more enthusiasts in the future.


The Staples of American Off-Road Wheels 

At the moment, the American Off-Road Wheels line-up is made up of three models only. But that’s not to say it will take eons before we see new designs coming out of the drawing board. 

Why don’t we jump right to it, shall we?


The A106 has been American Off-Road Wheels’ go-to model. You can find it in a wide variety of trucks of different generations, most especially the Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado. 

It has the popular split-spoke design adopted from motorsports-inspired wheels. The eight spokes appear more aggressive than what you would normally see on OE-styled wheels. 

There are also stud-like details on the outer lip. These resemble the bead locks used on hardcore off-road wheels. Paired with aggressive tires, then the entire set would look off-road-ready right after a truck show. 

What’s fun about the A106 is it works well with a lot of other fitment applications. With custom offsets, you have more freedom on how aggressive or sleek your truck’s stance will be. You can even use the A106 on low-profile tires if you want to.



The A105 is a rather sporty model in the American Off-Road Wheels line-up. Its design complements modern trucks like the Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500, and Nissan Titan very well. 

The multi-spoke design makes the wheel appear like the sun with its rays spreading out in all directions. The spokes are evenly spaced out, forming trapezoids of alternating sizes around. 

If you look closer, there are finer details on the spoke contours. It looks distinct when strong contrasting colors are used on these areas, creating highlights on the wheel. 

With the kind of details it got and its available offsets, the A105 will surely look best on modern truck builds. 



The A108 completes the American Off-Road Wheels trifecta. It is often used on full-size pick-up trucks like the Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra, as well as Ram and Chevy models.

Compared to the previous two models, this looks more modest. Its six spokes have a clean appearance, made better by their width. 

There are round details where the spokes bend and connect to the barrel. It also has stud-like details consistent with the other wheels.

Despite its rather simple design, it’s easy to rock the A108, especially with the finishes you can choose from.


Dual Stage Forging

Whenever you come across American Off-Road Wheels, it’s also likely you read about Dual Stage Forging. But what is this selling point really about?

Dual Stage Forging is a wheel manufacturing process that uses a blend of the cast and flow-formed techniques. It reinforces the lip and barrel, making the wheels strong as the trucks they are built for.

It starts with casting the center then spinning it at high speed. As it spins, special circular rollers apply extreme pressure to the inner barrel and outer lip. This creates a sturdy compressed aluminum barrel and a distinct front lip.

Aside from having strength and durability, American Off-Road Wheels’ Dual Stage Forged models are affordable for the kind of wheels that they are. 


Reppin’ AOR!

It’s easy to spot American Off-Road Wheels used on different builds. Some trucks are modest, while others look extreme. But there are other ways the brand reaches out to an ever-growing fanbase!

American Off-Road Wheels has been in truck events like Truck Mayhem 2019 and Lone Star Throwdown 2020. These events featured street and off-road trucks in forms and sizes. They are a melting pot of inspiration, especially if you have yet to build yours.

There is also AOR merch if you want to show love to the brand. American Off-Road Wheels’ website offers caps, shirts, mugs, and stickers. You can carry the brand’s name even when you’re with your truck.



There’s no better way to express how upbeat the brand is than the #DriveAmerican tagline. It highlights how fun it is to get out there and drive your truck to the fullest. 

We have a lot of love for trucks. And we believe that American Off-Road Wheels will continue supporting the aftermarket truck and off-road communities in the future. 

But the question still stands - How soon will see new wheel models? We hope soon!

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